Here is the newest image i have completed. Taken from Lost Lake this past monday. I was up for about 46 hours or so when i hit the shutter, but this is what it takes to get lighting and conditions like this.

The fall colors are starting to put on a display on Lolo Pass Road and Lost Lake HWY (Road). Also, random road construction is being performed. The looks on the workers' faces was priceless. They didn't expect anyone up there, as the lodge/campgrounds are being prepped for the harsh upcoming winter season - which I will try to return again before winter arrives.


a buddy and I traveled over 600 miles in about 24 hours time. we covered a lot of ground. started off at broken top (three sisters wilderness), then went to the painted hills and finished (shot sunrise today) at lost lake. haven't slept since i woke up on saturday at around 8am.

here is the only shot i have really had the energy to work on. it is a 6 or 7 minute exposure. I shot this at ISO 50, f/3.5 on accident. still pretty good for wide open.


i recently purchased a canon pixma pro 9000 mkII printer to print out my work, and it really is a phenomenal printer.

in any case, i have some work ready to be hung up at Guapo Coffee Shop here in portland on monday. i don't expect to sell anything right away; but hey, it will be on display until the end of october.

here are a few of the prints i will have up.



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hello there. thanks for checking out this deal i have "created" here. over the next few days, i am hoping i will get up some work here. until then, here are some links to my work:

my work will be up for the month of october over at guapo coffee at 6350 se foster road, pdx oregon.