Just got back from Spirit Falls on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. This waterfalls is like 2 miles from the Columbia River, yet you would NEVER EVER know there was this crazy waterfall hidden down here.

I hadn't ever been here before, and my buddy who went with me hadn't either. He saw an image on 500px of this waterfall and sent me an email, inquiring what and where this falls was located. I knew immediately the details of this falls, except on the exact directions. A search of google gets you really nowhere. It is really easy to find, but the talus slope is a formidable foe!

This falls is super popular with kayakers worldwide. There are UK based websites showcasing people running this 30 foot (or so) falls. In any case, here is a quick shot I edited to show this falls. It is a low flow, as are most of the waterfalls around here. I think the water is about 2 feet lower than normal (winter-spring), but the fall colors are good. Heading off tomorrow and Saturday somewhere to get some shots. Snow in the mountains are calling my name.


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