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It has been a while since I have posted on here. Crazy how things change so quickly - and how fast the seasons change. Here is it in the middle of the summer, and fall is knocking on the door.

Late May, I sold my Canon 1Ds and compact flash cards and picked up a Nikon F5. I was considering an F100, but since it lacks mirror lock up and doesn't have the same weather sealing as my 1Ds had, I decided to go with the F5. After all, it wasn't considered one of the best 35mm body ever made for no reason. I actually like this camera more than I do the 1Ds.

I have only had 3 rolls of film developed so far. A roll of Sensia is ready to get developed and I have half a roll in my camera. Hopefully this next week I will finish off the roll to get developed and scanned.

Here are a few images that I have thus far. I really like the rendition that the film has. The dynamic range is far, far superior to digital - and I can get used to this. I even notice in photoshop that the film files take more "abuse" than the digital ones did. Kinda interesting.