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A few days from now, I will be in Yosemite for the first time - and I am stoked! I haven't been out shooting really since Thanksgiving. Crazy, I know. I have upgraded cameras twice since May, and have been out shooting maybe 7 times. This year I will be out shooting a bit more than last year.

The weather forecast for Yosemite took a huge turn in the last few days. Last week, it was sunny and mid to high 50s all week. Kinda boring - well, really boring! Star trails and shooting "fire falls" are the only things I would want clear days for. Now it is snowing in Yosemite, and is supposed to until Sunday, where there it is calling for partly cloudy.

So most likely I won't be able to shoot Horsetail Falls lit up - but I am ok with that. From what I have heard this year, there are 100s of "photographers" lined up, trying their hand at shooting that. I am not a huge fan of crowds - especially shooting the same thing. I would have scouted out a different look anyways. I am hoping many of those photographers are fair weather shooters - I mean who doesn't want Yosemite to themselves? Especially in the snow!

Another thing I wanted to do was shoot star trails - however there is a full moon this weekend, so that will make things interesting. Breaks in the clouds, long exposures, snow - man, these are going to be the longest 48 hours, lol.

Zenfolio emailed me stating that my website will be taken offline in 21 days if they don't receive payment - they have this awesome "automatic renewal" that obviously is set by default, and the card they have on file (the one I used to pay for the subscription) is no longer valid - thus the "reminder" on the payment info. This is good news though. I get three more weeks of Zenfolio, which buys me time (no pun intended) to get my new one up - which ironically will cost a little more than I am paying for a Zen subscription.

Also, I am thinking of remodeling this blog. I spent a TON of time going through the code and modifying a theme to my liking. I realized AFTER I changed it, that white text on black background is not the easiest on the eyes. So I will be making a change in the next week or so. If you haven't noticed, I like change. Nothing is permanent, right?

One last thing I forgot to mention before I sign off. I picked up a Nikon 24-85mm NON VR lens to use in Yosemite. I think it is a stellar lens, and I hope to prove this. I haven't had more than a few lenses in years - and changing lenses is not my favorite thing to do :)


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