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So perhaps you may know, I am NOT a fan of HDR at all. It probably has to do with the way over-cooking of it. That is most likely due to the mis use of it when it first came out. I also don't like it due to people using it, and not disclosing it is an HDR, even though it is obviously HDR.

Now I admit that I have the Nik software, and have the HDR software. I haven't used the HDR software. With this said, I saw on 500px a nice shot of Punchbowl Falls. PB falls is kinda hard to get a unique perspective, as most people who shoot there either shoot from the shallows or the water is too rapid to get out further (thus the reason for shooting in the shallows). I know for a fact that when Eagle Creek is raging, I cannot even get out to where this was taken. It is THAT crazy (and wicked cold).

So I went through my Aperture and saw a few sessions from Punchbowl. One such shoot was from 2006, when the log was still present. I will post a shot from that series soon, but i am not happy with any of them. As I was working this shot, I didn't realize that it started to look kind of like an HDR - kinda. I describe HDR as "chrome like". This kind of has that feeling. I know that people can achieve HDR manually in photoshop, but HDR is usually used to bring out the detail in shadows and such. This photo didn't have heavy shadows.

In any case, HDR is a fine line between beautifully executed and over done. Programs and methods are getting to the point where one cannot discern between HDR and non-HDR - but it is far and few between. I think this photo caught my eye because of the colors and the sharpening used. Anyways, this will be printed in metallic, and it will work well I think.


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